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     I'm a pretty easygoing guy, really simple and can be a bit frank when I feel I need to be. I am currently teaching dance after graduating for education and performing arts, dance is my life and the only thing I love more then dance is music. I like to do event planning and am always the first one to offer help for any party, and the second one in line to go to a party. I have not had the best luck with guys, so I always make sure to put my life and lifestyle above anyone else until that special guy will come along. If your lucky and I'm horny you might get to do it with me, but otherwise I'm very selective and don't prefer to do it with anyone unless we're dating or something.

     Hmmm well that's most of how I live, for the other stuff I'm about 6 ft tall, I keep good weight because of my constant dancing and exercise, I'm careful with what I eat which is why I make sure to cook all my own food japanese, itallian, chinesse, I love to try new foods and am always careful to make sure that it gets me all the nutrients I need (I know, I'm a health nut), to the question many others are wondering I'm approx. 9.5 in cut with 3 in. girth I'm proud of it and figure many want to know, the pic I have isn't even close so if you want to see it as of late you gotta ask but you'll only know if you read here.

     I suppose that's really all that I can think of to cover the basics so if you want to talk anything else over go ahead. Oh and one more thing, monogomy is the top thing of my life and I beleive in it for myself and anyone else I may cross...so if you have a bf or two and want me to add into your orgy or something I will turn you down faster then you can ask the question...I want to be happy with someone forever, not be part of two guys little fantasy. I also respect the law, and yes that comes down to age, especially concerning maturity. Yes, I'll think your hot you 18 and 19 year olds but if you don't have the maturity level to work on my level then I don't want you to be wasting your time. Also.....DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT!!!! ask me for my locked pics if you don't have any to offer back, I'm not a whore and am not gonna unlock and give a show to someone I don't even know in any way shape or form.

     And now for this chapter of my description that I did not think I needed to apply because I didn't think this was necessary, but apparently the gay community has incredibly fucking ignorantly arrogant people on here, YES I AM WHO I AM!!! If you have something against my pics or think I'm someone else, don't go whining about it to anyone except me. I love who I am and yes that is who I am, and if someone wants to try and call me on it then they should email me and confront me about it. I have probably made about 50 million signs for many people who have had to realize and find out I ain't lying so unless your interested, flirting, or so on then you don't need to see it so don't ask cause I only wanna prove myself to someone who is important to me. Finally, I don't do cam, I have done cam for a few people well I did when I had cam, I no longer have one but I am planning to get one so if you keep begging me for cam then I am going to do everything I can to make sure YOU don't see it.



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