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read profileif you want to get to no me plz

Well if you must no im just your average Joe my names logan im 22 love cars, bars, and good times out with the guys im not one to fight but i aint scared to bleed im in a committed relationship we love each other dearly we are both clean and dont really mind a lil fun but only if we can trust you word of advice I dont like Preppy,pretty, fem boys...I like men...shallow people make me sick and im allergic to bull shit...I like the outdoors and enjoy camping and never taking anything for granted my looks are not impressive but i rate myself on a scale of one to ten (average 5 in todays society and by statistics)I am a Bear / Furry in the gay community so yes I am a bit on the big side and yes im very fuzzy and damn proud of it ...I work at Mc Donaldsand im not to proud to say itbut it's money for now all in all im just another country man trying to have a lil rowdy rough fun and finding ways to make an honest dallor to get me bymy yahoo is .. and my Skype is brent.puchaty1

Your result for The Gay Guy Test...


You are 56% a Macho Jock, 22% Pink and Femme,and 35% Scene-Emo

You are a mixture of the all types of gayness. Nothing stands out in your personality and interests, you will fit in almost anywhere and arent classified by any major stereotypes.

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What is Your Personality Profile?
You are a Protector! Protectors are warm and affirming people who are also deep and complex. They're likely to seek out and engage in relationships that are intense and meaningful. They tend to be perfectionists, and are always striving for the perfect relationship. For the most part, this is a positive feature, but sometimes works against the protector if they fall into the habit of moving from relationship to relationship, always in search of a more perfect one. In general, the protector is a deeply warm and caring person who is highly invested in the health of their close relationships, and puts forth a lot of effort to make them positive. They are valued by those close to them for these special qualities. They seek long-term, lifelong relationships, although they don't always find them. They are naturally compatible with: visionaries and inspirers.
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TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF - The survey for gay guys
What do you consider yourself?Gay
How old are you?21
Do you currently have a boyfriend?Yes
Are you a top or a bottom?Versatile
Have you ever had oral sex?Yes
Are you out?Yes
How many sexual partners have you had?6-20
Are you cut?Yes
Do you have any tattoos? 1-2
Do you have any piercings? 1-2
What kind of underwear do you wear?Commando
Have you ever had sex in a public place?Yes
What gets you off the fastest?Intercourse
Do you like to watch porn?Yes
Have you ever had group sex?A couple times
How big are you?Around 5 inches
What's your favorite sexual position?Missionary
Do you have any naked pictures of yourself?Yes
At what age did you loose your virginity? 14
How often do you masterbate?A couple times a week
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Jackin Off Survey
How many times a day do you jack off? < input type='hidden' name='type2' value=''>
Do you use your right or left hand?
Ever do it with any friends?yes
Ever jack another dude off?yes
Ever tasted your cum?yes
Do you have wet dreams ever?yes
How big is your cock?5 or 6
Are you cut or uncut?cut
Does your cum shoot our or ooze?bit of both
Wheres the weirdest place you ever jacked at?woods
Ever jacked off outdoors? Where at?
Ever jacked at school?yes
How old were u the first time u cummed?14
How did you learn how to jack off?
Do you get lots of precum when u are jackin off?depending
Ever use anything for lube to jack with? yes
If you use lube what do you use?spit
Are you bi , gay , or str8?gay
Ever been caught jackin off? If yes by who?my dad
Ever made a video of you jackin off?
Ever jacked off on a webcam for someone?yes
Do you like a friend jack off an cum?
What do you usualy jack off to?www.justusboys.com
Ever think about any of your friends when u jack off?
Is your cum thick or thin?thick
Do you shoot your cum on ur stomach or into something?
Ever tried to suck your own cock? Can you?yes and use to be able to
Where do you jack off at most?at home with my lover
Who would you want to see jack off the most?Brad paisley



You Scored as Straight Acting

Heya your on the straight and narrow but still enjoy a good cute guy with a pint of beer.

Straight Acting
A Big Bear
The all-round cute gay guy
S + M guy
Raging Queer
Straight Queer Basher

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