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Masc. Quidditch Captain

I don't know why I keep following something that gets repeatedly broken. I am a Masc. guy looking for the same, but I tend to be very affectionate and love to cuddle and kiss. I am 21. Into masc guy, love sports, basketball mostly. Going to OSU for a BS in Microbiology hopefully to become a NP someday.

Now about some of the photos. I am a Quidditch captain for the OSU team. Yes, quidditch is a sport please DO NOT ask me to explain it to you it is really complicated there are 5 balls in play at all times and yeah you thought a sport was complicated with just one ball try keeping track of 5, haha. In short, its almost like rugby but with more balls. Anyway it is a great spectator sport adapted from the Harry Potter books/movies to an actual sport. If you are still interested in the sport watch the video documentary from 4:20 - 5:32 that gives a short great rundown of how is played.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K-xgBpQU84

And to get on my good side: Do not send me a friend request without unlocking your face pics or sending me a message first. I do not add people i do not know so say hello and get to know me before you send the request. In your email/message say more then just "Hi" Say hello introduce yourself, where your from, why you messaged me, something about quidditch is always a plus, haha. Looking forward to a good conversations or maybe a friend, in Oklahoma. Talk to you guys soon.

Dating... Man... I REALLY REALLY WANT A BF or a great FWB who also likes to spoon.
I am a MASC guy looking for the same... not really out to everyone, so I hope thats cool with you. you wouldn't know I was gay/bi(when drunk) unless I told you I was. My ideal guy is someone who is fit,slim, or active and maybe into sports too that would be awesome. I drink socially so having a guy that could kick back with me and a few friends would be cool too. I don't do drugs so being DDF is a must at least when you are dating me. Understand that I work 2 jobs and have school so that if I try to make time and want to see you, please respect that and work with me, its not easy trying to balance all that and a team and a relationship in on top of that so no flakes... As a broke college student my ideal date would be to hang out on the couch have a few drinks watch tv talk cuddle and makeout. outside dates...camping hiking, bowling, movies, frisbee golf. Think you can keep up?

hy cant relationships be like job interviews on the first day… :( I know its mean, but after 1 day I can tell if I like you or not and want to pursue a relationship. Its just that between 2 jobs, school, and clubs…I tend to think of myself as a pragmatic person (fancy way of saying I over-think things)  and just want things to be efficient because I have so little time I just want that time spent with the right person who makes me just as happy as I make them.
" --a tumblr post of mine


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