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This is ya boii BoObU

My names David but everyone call me BoObU =). Im really lookin for some1 funnii u betta noe how to make me laugh and jus some1 i can talk too. Im from Miami Florida nowww!!! And if u wanna noe anything else jus hit me up iight =)Photo Sharing and
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Your dream boyfriend will a rock star. This one in a million will know how to show you a good time, and keep you coming back for more. He's talented, and has all the right moves on and off stage.
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TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF - The survey for gay guys
What do you consider yourself?Gay
How old are you?19
Do you currently have a boyfriend?No
Are you a top or a bottom?Bottom
Have you ever had oral sex?Yes
Are you out?Yes
How many sexual partners have you had?6-20
Are you cut?Yes
Do you have any tattoos? None
Do you have any piercings? 1-2
What kind of underwear do you wear?Breifs
Have you ever had sex in a public place?No
What gets you off the fastest?Intercourse
Do you like to watch porn?Yes
Have you ever had group sex?No
How big are you?Around 8 inches
What's your favorite sexual position?All of them
Do you have any naked pictures of yourself?Yes
At what age did you loose your virginity? umm ask me =)
How often do you masterbate?Never
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