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Hiyaaa =]

~I'm Anthony, 18,~
Im 50% Out of the Closet
French Fries with Ranch Make me Orgasm <3
I am In Love with Gay Pornstar Kayden Daniels <3
I <3 getting Tattoos
Im a proud Athiest, The Tattoo on my leg explains it all
Jordan Letteri & Kelsie Gill, My 2 Dearest Friends <3
Im a casual Dresser,
Fox shirts and Jeans/B-Ball shorts <3
I hate that Fitted Caps dont look good on me.
I drink...Alot
I Have Pectoral Stynamus.
A.K.A, An indent in my chest, Its weird.
I Have a severe Phobia of Mushrooms.
Im an Aspiring Chef in Training
And pretty beast in the Kitchen, if I do say so myself.
My Hair is my life, Its my obsession
I hate Wearing Socks/Shoes.
Im an Amateur Professional Wrestler
Yeah...Like That "Gay" WWE Shit, I Love it
Im 100% Italian
Im no where near Perfect.
Low self esteem...I hate my face
Im beyond Brutally honest
Im Closed minded. My Beliefs are how its gonna stay
I gotta thing for Gingers <3
I <3 Texting
I'm very open about my sex life
And I <3 Boys
Anything else, Ask meee =]


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